DIY Felt Letter Board

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This letter board DIY was so freaking easy but it took me literally 4 months to actually finish it–mostly because I’m a procrastinator but also because I knew it wouldn’t take much time at all to finish. Totally logical, right? Welcome to my brain. ANYWAY, letter boards are all the rage right now and rightfully so. I’ve literal LOL’d at many a Instagram post because people are getting so damn witty with them.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


Cut the dowels to fit the size of your frame.


Make a “frame” with your dowels to fit inside your letter board frame. Space them approximately .2″ apart. IMPORTANT: make sure to leave some wiggle room for the felt to wrap around otherwise it will not fit.


Cut your felt so there is about a 1″ buffer around the right and left sides of your dowel frame, and about double the length of your frame (this is way too much but better safe than sorry is my motto). Use your ruler or credit card to push the felt in between each dowel. This takes some maneuvering and time–and is, honestly, the most annoying part, so godspeed.

There it is! Super easy, although weirdly time consuming, DIY letter board.

Have you tried to make your own letter board?