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Pallet Wall Photo Backdrop

I knew my sister in law’s desert inspired bridal shower would not be complete without a photo spot and this pallet wall photo backdrop was the perfect place!

pallet wall photo backdrop

Creating this pallet wall photo backdrop was super easy! The party was hosted at my other sister in law’s house and she has an awesome covered patio that gave us the perfect place to construct it. We (as usual, by “we” I mean AJ and my brother in law! LOL!) took 4 pallets and zip tied them to the patio cover making a giant square. I thought for sure they’d have to drill them in place, but the zip ties actually worked really well.

If you don’t have a place to attach the pallets, a stand could easily be constructed out of cheap wood. However, the pallets are heavy, so attaching it to something is probably best.

close up of florals on pallet wall

Heather placing florals on pallet wall

Heather in front of pallet wall photo backdrop

I had Laurel and Fig, the florists I was working with, to create some sprays to give the pallets some life and color. They created these beautiful pieces that coordinated with the centerpieces inside. Originally I had planned to hang these amazing floral hoops above the pallet wall photo backdrop too. It was over 100 degrees that day, and I knew the floral hoops were delicate, so I ended up scratching that plan last minute, so the pallet wall photo backdrop ended up a little simpler than I had intended, but I think it still worked! The sprays were a little droopy by the end of the shower, but they held up surprisingly well considering the heat!

pallet wall photo backdrop at night

The pallet wall photo backdrop was a big hit at the shower and the bride had a blast taking pictures with all of her guests in front of it! It turned out so well that my other sister in law is going to keep it up as part of the decor on her patio now! It definitely will be easy to swap out different decor for different parties!