Welcome to The Okayest Moms Blog! We’re two moms who just started their 30’s (Not to be confused with 30somethings, please.) living in Northern California.

Hi I’m Brittany!

I’m a recovering small-town girl (seriously, my high school graduating class only had 36 students) who’s currently living in the suburbs of Sacramento. I married my college sweetheart (who I met on MySpace—long story) in 2010. Since then we’ve made two rad humans: Harrison, 5 and Sullivan, 3.

I’m the boss lady at BGD, an online gift shop for fun havers and coffee-fueled cool mamas. I love chatting all things work-at-home mom and small business to anyone who will listen.

In my spare time, I can be found chauffeuring the tiny humans in Vanna White (our white minivan), drinking copious amounts of coffee (or wine, depending on the time of day), watching high-quality TV (real housewives), obsessing over all things true crime or trail running.

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Hey there!  I’m so glad you found us!  I’m Heather!

I have two kids, Isla and Nolan who are 20 months apart. I do not recommend that, but we survived!  Isla was recently diagnosed with Autism and I’m learning to navigate the world of ABA therapy, assessments, doctors and everyone’s opinions.  Nolan is a real rascal and I always find him in the most mischievous situations.

I’ve been married to my husband, AJ for 7 years now.  We met in high school and we’ve been together for going on 15 years now.  He’s a law enforcement officer (LEO) and works nontraditional hours, which adds an interesting element to the overall chaos that goes on in our house.

I’m an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom.  Running and Real Housewives are my therapy and I survive on coffee and wine.  I love baking and all things design, although you wouldn’t know it by looking at my house.  Or my closet.  Maybe I can have nice things one day when I can stop saying things like “Why is this sticky?”

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We met through our running group, Moms Run This Town, and quickly bonded over our wildlings, motherhood and our love for our small college town.  Turns out, we both went to Chico State during the same years, but never met each other, although we’re sure our paths must have crossed in a bathroom on a Saturday night at some point.  Luckily our husbands and kids get along because we spend an awful lot of time together and we may or may not be slowly morphing into the same person.

So reheat your coffee and  join us as we share our experience of motherhood.  We hope you can relate and know that you’re not in this alone.

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