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Cyber Monday Amazon Deals 2017

This post contains affiliate links.

We don’t know about you guys, but Amazon is our jam. Thanks to Prime shipping, we barely have to leave the house, or drag kids to the store with us! We are all about anything to make Christmas shopping easier. Here are a few things we love, have our eye on for a loved one, or just some deals that were too good not to mention.

The Fire tablet cannot be beat for kids roughly 2-6. It is a favorite for all of the Okayest kids. And moms. It comes with an insane warranty (2 years!) and access to the Free Time which has a great selection of apps, videos and books.

Magnetic blocks have been a big hit also. Bonus, they don’t take up a lot of space like some other toys!

This balance bike looks really cool! We love toys that can grow with kids and serve more than one purpose.

This palette looks really pretty and a good price point. 4.5 stars, so it must be good!

All you Ragnarians might want to stock up on shower pills for next year.

This top looks super cute and TONS of color options!

Yoga pants? With a pocket? Yes.

These joggers looks soooo comfy. Please don’t wear them with heels like the model. WTF?

The cutest tassel earrings in every color you could think of.

This game looks hilarious. And you can get a Basic Bitch extension pack!

We’re thinking it might be time to jump on the Instant Pot trend and this is a great deal.

This DNA kit looks really interesting and would make a good gift for that hard to buy for person.

Happy shopping! If you see any other deals we missed, let us know!!