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A Simple Thanksgiving Tablescape

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I didn’t really appreciate Thanksgiving until I was an adult. As a kid, Christmas is the obvious choice for favorite holiday. But now that I’m a parent and Christmas has lost some of it’s magic and luster, Thanksgiving is making a case. Yes, there’s prep, hours in the kitchen and clean up, but there isn’t the same pressure that comes with gift giving and you still get the sense of a celebration with family and friends.Christmas will probably always be my favorite, but I can appreciate Thanksgiving now. Plus, it’s another chance to decorate, so I’m in. And what better place to decorate than the table? I created a simple, casual tablescape using things I had around the house and some simple greens from the grocery store.

This isn’t a tablescape I’d be able to keep up all month long, or even for the afternoon if we’re being honest because I live with a band of rabid raccoons two toddlers, but it’s always fun to decorate, even if you know it won’t last.

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

Lantern (old) similar // Candle // Spray paint (for pumpkins) // Kraft paper

The majority of this tablescape was created from things I had around the house. As I’ve decorated our homes, I’ve tried to go for classic, neutral pieces that can work in many different settings. That may seem ridiculous to have all these things “on hand,” but as you collect things you like and develop your style, eventually all of the pieces in your home coordinate and create your cohesive style. The lantern I used were actually out on our front porch, the pumpkins were leftovers from Halloween with a fresh coat of spray paint and the greens were about $5 from the grocery store. Ok, fine, the greens weren’t on hand, but they weren’t terribly expensive. Ok, so here’s how I did it!

First I covered the table with kraft paper. My table is a weird square shape and square tablecloths are hard to come by. I like how neutral the kraft paper is and the color fits well into the overall fall scheme. Plus, it makes clean up super easy.

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

Then I spread out a layer of greens. I think using only eucalyptus leaves would be really pretty, but these were the ones I had on hand, so I rolled with it. I also found some wheat that I had used in years past as fall decor that I was ready to chuck, but I rescued it and repurposed it to mix into the greens.

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

Then, stick your focal point in. This should be something taller to add some height. I went with this lantern, but you could do a clear vase with pumpkins stacked inside, a grouping of three candlesticks, a larger pumpkin, whatever you want!

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

Next I added in the pumpkins. I don’t know about you, but we have about 10 million mini pumpkins floating around the house. I swear every time we went to the grocery store I got suckered into buying another one. I gave them new life by throwing a coat of spray paint on them. I used Rustoleum spray paint in rose gold.

I have a slight obsession with spray painting things. And rose gold. And the way these pumpkins turned out.

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

The best part about using kraft paper is that you can really customize the table. I used a Sharpie and lettered on names and traced silverware. I thought this was just a cute idea, but then I thought it could be a fun way to teach your kids to set the table once it’s time to eat.

thanksgiving fall harvest centerpiece tablescape

Plates // Wine glasses, old similar stemless version

That’s it! An easy, simple, casual tablescape that still leaves plenty of room for all the food!

Thanksgiving harvest fall tablescape centerpiece

If you’re looking for a dessert to finish off your feast, this pie would be an excellent choice!