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Well, hello, Friday.

What happened to this week? The holiday is really throwing me off this week. Anyone else?

Mom Win of the Week:

Hands down, Isla’s 3rd birthday. We got to do her party on her actual birthday (don’t worry, photo filled post coming next week!) and she loved it. This was the first year she understood what a birthday is and how it related to her and it was so much fun to see her excitement and have her using language to tell us how she felt, which rarely happens. The picture below is from the morning of her birthday. I had done the majority of the decorating the night before and when she came downstairs first thing she had to put on her party hat she got at school the day before. She saw the decorations and thought that was her birthday party. Turns out I could have gotten off a lot easier than I thought! Nolan, of course, had to be involved too.

Mom Fail of the Week:

Nolan can climb on top of the dog crate now (you may have seen this on our Instagram stories) and basically every surface of our house. I give up. There’s no stopping America’s Ninja Warrior: Toddler Edition and I’m done trying.

Favorite Thing I Ate:

A popular Sacramento area bakery just opened a location out here in the ‘burbs closer to us and it’s amazing. This cinnamon roll was the size of Nolan’s head and tasted better than it looked. The coffee was delish too. Annnd the croissant breakfast sandwich. Good thing I’m training for a half marathon.


Training for this half marathon.

Looking Forward To:

The husband’s work schedule will be M-F for the next two weeks and we get to moonlight as normal people. Weekends off and everything!

Have a great weekend, friends! If you’re in the path of Irma we hope you stay safe and to all our Houston pals, we’re still thinking of you as you clean up!


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