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DIY Glitter Heart Elbow Patch Sweatshirt

I couldn’t help but laugh as I was making this glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt because it totally is the modern version of a puffy painted sweatshirt. If you were a 90’s kid, you know exactly what I’m talking about! I happen to think this one is way cuter and a little more subtle though.

diy glitter heart elbow patch

You will need:

  1. Put on the sweatshirt and, using a piece of chalk, mark the center of your elbow. For me, this was the pointiest point of my elbow.
glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt

2. Take the sweatshirt off and place the cookie cutter centered around the chalk mark. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, you could also make a heart stencil out of cardboard.

glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt

3. Outline the heart with blue painters tape.  Make sure to press the tape down to make as tight of a seal as you can. 

glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt

4. Mix the Mod Podge and the glitter in a paper cup. I added a lot of glitter because I wanted a dense application. 

5. Here’s where things get a little…inventive. I used a straw to mix the glitter and glue, then I used the straw to “scoop” blobs of glitter glue onto the sweatshirt. Since I wanted to apply as much glitter as possible at one time, I didn’t want any of it to get lost in brush strokes. Then I used the straw to spread the glitter glue. Once I had covered the entire heart, I used a foam brush (to avoid brush marks) to spread the glitter glue evenly.

glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt
glitter heart elbow patch sweatshirt

6. Let the paint dry completely. At this point you could be done, depending on the desired outcome. I added another layer to get as dense of a look as possible. Repeat with layers until you achieve the desired look.

7. Remove the painters tape gently. Touch up any areas as needed and voila!

diy glitter heart elbow patch

This DIY glitter heart elbow sweatshirt would be really cute on a kid’s shirt too! I’m definitely on the hunt for a plain gray sweatshirt in Isla’s size so we can be “twinnies” as she likes to say!

You can find other DIY glitter crafts here and here.

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    Caroline Simmons
    February 8, 2018 at 6:33 pm

    Too cute- I love this idea! Hoping you were able to find a little gray sweater, I’m on the hunt for matching sweaters for my girls myself! Thanks for sharing ladies!

  2. Reply
    February 16, 2018 at 3:31 pm

    I never did find one! I’ll be on the hunt all year and maybe next year we can make it happen! I never thought I’d be into the mommy and me thing, but it’s fun!

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