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Free Printable: Wall Calendar IKEA Hack

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In my never ending quest to try and stay organized and recall information from the depths of my Mom Brain, I dreamed up giant white board calendars and these wall calendars were born. But not the giant white board calendars you can find at office supply stores. I wanted one that were a little more aesthetically pleasing. It really comes in handy to be friends with a graphic designer for these kinds of things.

I told Brittany my vision for these wall calendars and she brought it to life. It took a little trial and error as things with us often do. Two Mom Brains together equals one (mostly) functioning brain! It took a few edits (Turns out there might be four weeks in a month, but you really need five blank weeks on a calendar. Go figure.), but we got it down now, which is why we want to share this awesome printable with you!

wall calendar IKEA frame hack

Basket turned shelf // Envelope // Banner (Target Dollar Spot)

Total side note: that caricature was from my cousin’s wedding. She had an artist there sketching them during the reception and it’s probably my favorite wedding favor ever.

wall calendar IKEA frame hack

I knew I wanted the wall calendars to be pretty big, but not cost an arm and a leg. AJ often complains that the boxes on the calendars are too little and that’s why he never looks at it, so I wanted this calendar to be big, bold and obvious. I got these RIBBA frames from IKEA. They have plexiglass, which works perfectly with Expo white board markers. Schedules are constantly changing in my house, so it’s easy to erase and write again.

We’ve tried so many different family calendars. I’m not much for online calendars. I like to write things down because it helps me remember. I prefer a personal day planner, but no one else really has easy access to that. These giant wall calendars have really created an easy, central spot to bring all of our calendars together. And you know what? We’re actually using it and everyone knows what everyone is doing, just like a calendar was meant to do!

wall calendar IKEA hack

Each family member was assigned a color to keep track of who needs to be where and when. It’s made scheduling behavior therapy sessions, date nights, Mom’s Nights Out, etc. easier because everything is right in one spot because all of our various activities can all fit in one spot on one calendar.

The spot at the bottom for goals has been especially helpful. AJ’s days off are always packed with a million different tasks because one of us can get a chore done while someone else manages the kids. Although Isla likes “helper-ing”, we all know it goes a lot quicker to get something done without kids. Now, instead of spending a chunk of time figuring out what needs to be done, I can add things to that part of the calendar as I think of them. The expectation of the day is already set and we’re accomplishing a lot more.

wall calendar IKEA hack

Photos by Nicole Quiroz Photography

This Wall Calendar IKEA Hack is available as a printable for you in standard 8.5×11″or in the larger size to fit in the RIBBA frames. It could easily be printed out each month and used as a hard copy, too, if you don’t have room for two giant frames.

FREE DOWNLOADS: [ Monthly 28″x20″ | Weekly 28″x20″ | Monthly 8.5″x11 | Weekly 8.5″x11″ ]

I hope it’s as useful to you as it is to me!

What has been the best way for your family to keep track of everyone’s schedules?

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