Friday Favorites

I am currently…


Alllllll of the Margaret Atwood novels after watching The Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. Currently on The Heart Goes Last, not my favorite novel of hers but still really good.


You mean besides the millionth time watching the same episode of Jake and the Neverland Pirates? Welllll, with the 37 minutes between the boys going to bed and me nodding off on the couch, Tyler and I have been watching the new season of Alone on the History Channel. It’s realllllll good.


Throwback 90s jams. Teaching my kids the right stuff.


My new blogger/shop owner balance. When do I wear my blogger hat? When do I wear my shop owner hat? DOES IT EVEN MATTER?! I don’t know.


The 4th! Such a random 4th of July with it falling in the middle of the week but we made the most of it visiting Tyler’s grandparents in the bay area. On the way there, we realized we forgot the boys’ puddle jumpers. We stopped at two stores along the way and they were completely sold out–of course, it was a holiday! Thank goodness for Amazon Prime Now (not an ad, swear). We ordered on our drive there and they arrived 2 hours later to his grandparents’ front door. I love living in 2017.


BGD’s next launch. Fun stuff is coming!


Summer time activities with the wildlings. They’re at awesome ages that allow us to do things without so much stress on my end (hi, stress case here). Loving the memory making we are doing.

Have a great weekend, friends!

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