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Gifts for men are always the hardest for me. It seems like all the guys on my shopping list are the type to buy whatever they want whenever they want, or the things on their wishlist are spendy gadgets that are over budget.

We’ve combined our lists of ideas, things we’ve bought in the past and things we plan to buy the dudes this year to hopefully help you all and make your shopping a little easier!

While this post does contain affiliate links, we want to let you all know that the things below are things we’ve actually purchased and can stand behind, not just random things we pulled off the far corners of the Internet (don’t worry, those items are below LOL).

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Our Favorites

1. Hydro Flask Travel Coffee Mug I got this for AJ last year and it is always in rotation. It keeps the coffee piping hot, which is perfect for a shift worker like him who may not get to drink his coffee for hours into his shift.

2. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker I got this for AJ a few years ago and he is a huge fan. He takes his coffee very seriously, so if you have a coffee addict on your list, this is a must.

3. Mpow Flame Bluetooth Headphones I own these headphones and they are so good! I was skeptical because the price point is so low, but they have lived up to the reviews. They’re customizable for all different sizes and are so convenient!

4. Ugg Slippers Not just for the ladies! These are super durable and you can even buy new inserts later on when the fur gets matted down. A little more expensive, but could be manageable if you go in with a sibling!

5. Bocce Ball Set We got a light up bocce ball set for my father in law a few years ago, but this simpler set is still just as fun.

6. Apple TV We’re big Apple fans here! Have you been talking about cutting the cable cord? This could be the perfect motivator!

These are our unverified suggestions, but are things that we definitely think would make perfect gifts for him and would buy for the men on our list!

Gifts for him |

Our New Picks

7. Weather Station Is it just us or do dads like to talk about the weather?

8. Ember Temp Control Mug This keeps your coffee a consistent temperature- how cool is that?!

9. An Ancestry DNA Kit is a perfect gift for the guy who has everything. It’s definitely unique and will give fun results!

10. The Amazon Echo is definitely something you could live without, but something you don’t know how you lived without once you have it. Perfect for the techie on your list, and if they’ve already got that too, there are tons of accessories to add to it, like speakers, smart light bulbs, a Echo Dot for additional rooms or smart plugs. It even is compatible with some thermostats for all those temperature nazis out there!

11. The joggers trend is perfect for athleisure loving dads, and these will keep them semi-stylish too!

12. A video game system is a great gift for a gamer dude. The Nintendo Switch is a great choice for kid-friendly gaming and fun for the whole family!

What are you getting for your dudes this Christmas?

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