Swimsuits for Girls Under $20

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Brittany has got you covered with her picks for boy’s swimsuits, so as the sole girl mom, I’ve rounded up my favorite girl swim suits!

Do you like unicorns, rainbows and fruit? Because you are in luck! Those seem to be the trendiest patterns for swim suits and they are so cute!!

I like to go for the two pieces because, as I’m sure you ladies know, going to the bathroom in a wet swim suit is no bueno. Especially for a wiggle worm who had to have her arm twisted to leave the fun pool to go to the bathroom. Just a scenario I concocted. I have no experience with kids denying they have to go to the bathroom while they do a dance 😜

I’ve thrown in one pieces as well because they’re just so cute. That strawberry suit??! Come on!

Also, I tend to push for the rash guard type suits. If you have fair skinned kids, you probably understand why. Isla and AJ don’t seem to burn as easily, but Nolan and I do. We are also pretty hard core about sunscreen application (AJ has heard me complain about one too many sunburns!) because we do spend a fair amount of time in the sun and anything that helps with protection is a win for me. BUT, of course those aren’t always the cutest and Isla pushes back. I’m hoping that unicorn rash guard will be a win for both of us!

Lastly, I wanted to point out that these are all picks in toddler sizes. It’s my last summer buying from the toddler girl section, so I’m milking it for all it’s worth! But, so many brands like Carters and Cat and Jack are offering matching or coordinating suits in bigger sizes, so if you see something you want in a bigger size, I’m sure it’s out there!

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