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Okayest Moms: The Podcast
Okayest Moms: The Podcast
Brittany Garner & Heather McTaggart

Okayest Moms: The Podcast


Favorite Products

Harper Wilde

Harper Wilde takes the BS out of bra shopping with their collection of comfortable, quality basics. They believe comfort and style can go hand in hand. Use code GoWildeOkayestMoms for 15% off your purchase. Harper Wilde is female founded and their mission is to “lift up the ladies” – They proudly donate 1% of our proceeds to Girls Inc., which provides mentorship and educational programming for girls ages 6-18.
the essential calendar

The Essential Calendar

Simple in design and big in impact, our calendar is ready to hold all your activities. The three-month view lets you sit down for an hour and get organized for three months. Spend less time organizing and more time living. Get 10% off by shopping the link below.
glass straws

Glass Straws

I was a million percent influenced by TikTok on these. I never would have thought all on my own “I’d really like some glass straws,” but I love them. I think it’s because I’ve put them in a different place than the rest of the straws and the kids aren’t allowed to use them. I’m out of the toddler days where it felt like absolutely nothing in the house was exclusively for me, but even with older kids, it’s still nice to have things that only I’m allowed to use. Ok, things only adults are allowed to use because I do share them with AJ!
produce colander containers

Produce Colander Containers

In a year where our grocery bill skyrocketed, these were life (and produce) savers. Not only did it force me to prep produce since you can’t just shove a head of lettuce in here, but they really did extend the life of a lot of my produce. Just don’t put them on the bottom rack of the dishwasher like I did!
Aerie Swim Suit

Perfect Swimsuit

We swam just about every day this summer, so I spent a lot of time in a swimsuit. This one was hands down my most reached for suit because it’s just really easy to wear. Enough/appropriate coverage to play with the kids in the pool, and very flattering. It doesn’t have a ton of compression or support, but that also means that it doesn’t require a lot of fussing to get on. Plus, there is almost always a sale running at Aerie, making it incredibly budget friendly.

House Of Wise

A Wise Woman takes control of her sleep, stress, and sex life! House of Wise features a collection of seven incredible CBD products. Each product is originally formulated, specially designed, and paired with additional, thoughtfully selected active ingredients to help women make the most of each day and give more intention and purpose to their daily routines.


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Flameless candles

Flameless Candles

This is 100% something I would have rolled my eyes at, even just a few years ago. I cannot stand pointless, dust collecting tchotchkes, but I also never know what to style bookshelves with. It seems like I always end up with candles that inevitably collect dust (which is impossible to clean off of wax), that just isn’t practical.These flameless LED candles give off such a soothing glow that really does change the ambiance of your house, especially in winter when it feels like it’s always dark. Set them on a timer, and you’ll have soft ambient light in the late afternoon.





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