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DIY: Fancy Up Cheap Plastic Pumpkins

This super quick and easy DIY brought to you by too many fights between my kids over whose pumpkin belonged to who. To tell them apart, I let them each pick the color of glitter they wanted and let them go wild. I’ll be cleaning up glitter for the next 4 years but I think it was worth it.


+ Cheap plastic pumpkin(s)

+ Mod Podge

+ Paint brush

+ Loose glitter

step one: glue


“Paint” the mod podge on all the places you want glittered. We kept it simple and only glittered the face. If I had it my way (and four less small hands grabbing for the pumpkins) I would have glittered the whole damn pumpkin.

step two: glitter


Make the glitter rain! Make sure you put newspaper or paper towels underneath your work space for easier clean up.


Let dry completely (a few hours or so) and then gently tap off the excess glitter. Then you’re done! Easiest DIY ever and no more fights over pumpkins! 😉

10 minute DIY for Halloween

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